Is it bad to leave deep conditioner in your hair all day?

I put deep conditioner in my hair this morning at 11 am. I have to go to work and I was wondering if it was bad to leave it in a bun with the deep conditioner in it?

3 thoughts on “Is it bad to leave deep conditioner in your hair all day?

  1. no, it should be fine. just make sure the conditioner that you’re using doesn’t have any special harmful ingredients in it, b/c that will actually damage your hair and strip you hair of moisture.
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  2. It will most likely dry out your hair. Deep conditioners shouldn’t be left on for more than an hour.
    You should also put a bag over your head, or shower cap, to keep the moisture in.
    Best of luck :]

  3. No problems. I leave conditioner in my hair overnight, be it regular conditioner or deep conditioner. Some conditioners say that the longer you leave it in the better it is for your hair.

    The problem, though, could be when the conditioner dries. When I leave my conditioners in for several hours or overnight, I put something on my hair to keep it moist, like a shower cap or one of those clear, plastic caps salons use. Doing this will help the conditioner penetrate my hair to give it lots of moisture (my hair is naturally dry). Experiment with different conditioners because some are better than others and some conditioners will dry out your hair if you leave it in too long Or they can make your hair super greasy. For instance, if I leave Dove or Pantene conditioners in my hair for a few hours AND let it dry during the process then it’ll end up drying out my hair – even after I rinse it out. I haven’t had any problems with natural conditioners, though, just the conditioners with bad ingredients. I prefer the Wen cleansing conditioner. Granted, not all deep conditioners or regular conditioners will do this, it really depends on the type of conditioner you use. I’ve let some conditioners dry in my hair without any problems; it’s just the conditioners with bad ingredients that end up drying out my hair, and I have a dry hair type so I can’t let that happen.

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