Is it good to put conditioner just on the ends of the hair or should you also put on the scalp?

I heard that it is not good to put the conditioner on the scalp also, just put conditioner from the ears down. I heard you could get more hair breakage if on the scalp.

10 thoughts on “Is it good to put conditioner just on the ends of the hair or should you also put on the scalp?

  1. Actually, all you ever need is conditioner at the ends. At the scalp won’t cause more breakage, but will make your hair go limp. The damage is at the ends, not the roots.

  2. I’ve never heard anything like that. If you want a conditioned hair then u have to put the conditioner all over ur hair from the start of the roots till the tip. But try not to rub it in just apply gently on ur hair. Here are some tips:

    For super shine, condition the entire strand, starting at the roots.
    For volume, condition only the middle and ends of your hair, where it’s most susceptible to damage. Here is how to use the conditioner:

    After shampooing, carefully remove excess moisture by squeezing your hair with a towel. (Be gentle. Rubbing and twisting with a towel can break the hair or cause friction and frizziness. )

    Squeeze a small blob of Conditioner on your palm and spread it over your hands, then apply it to your hair. While the conditioner is still on the hair, gently comb it through using a wide toothed comb. This will distribute the conditioner evenly, add shine to your hair and remove any snarls; leave it to work for a minute or two.

    Rinse off the conditioner, again allowing the water to run through your hair whilst you caress it gently downwards.

    Gently blot dry the hair with a towel to remove the excess water

  3. Havent heard of any disadvantage of the conditioner on the scalp. I put conditioner on my scalp and hair. & I get nice results.

  4. scalp does not need conditioner. You put on hair.

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