How can i dye my swimsuit into a darker color?

I would like to dye my swimsuit but i dunno what percent the spandex is coz the tag already faded. The suit fits me very well, and I’d like to dye it in a darker color (black or dark blue) so that I can wear it during my swimming class. We’re not allowed to wear bright swimsuits like neon colors. Btw, the color is neon pink.

What kind of dye should i buy? Thanks.

5 thoughts on “How can i dye my swimsuit into a darker color?

  1. i tried to dye my swimsuit about 2 months ago but it turned disaster!
    U just can’t dye your swimsuit. . the color not blended perfectly. .
    i suggest U to buy a new one. .

  2. Rit Dye is a good dye. Spandex isn’t a great fabric to dye, so it may turn out splotchy. Also, make sure you wash it a few time before wearing it in the pool so the color doesn’t leak.

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