How can I temporarily dye my hair blonde?

I am a redhead. My hair is the best shade of red ever. Even so, I feel like trying out blonde, because it would surprise people and I have the complexion for it. Is there a way that I can dye my hair blonde, and then it’ll go back to being the shade it was before, or would I have to give up this color?

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  1. You can’t really “dye” your hair blonde — you bleach it. And your hair will never be the same afterwards!

    Safer to get a wig.

  2. aaaah I’m jealous of your red! I’ve been dying my hair orange/red for years, and it never sticks.
    You can get temporary dye, at like. . . pharmacies or wherever you pick up do-it-yourself kits. It should fade away no problem, but I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if it left a little bit of blonde behind. it’s really up to you. Maybe talk to a hairdresser you trust?

  3. Amazingn,the best way to achieve this is by going to a hair salon,there is no temporary fix to do what you want to achieve in being blonde. I’ve worked in a salon for years and this is truly your best bet in accomplishing this feat.

  4. I would have to say no, red is a very difficult colour to bleach out for starters adn you would be using bleach as another colorant would not work. Then returning to the same shade would be difficult as your hair would become porous and not retain the red again very well at all.

    Why not get some blond clip in extensions to mix with your own hair. Hair isnt really an assessorie as it gets damaged ask me, I have had to have all mine chopped off due to colouring.

  5. i dont think you can temporarily go blonde. You would have to use bleach which will damage your hair

  6. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (blonde streaks) spray on or styling gel is temporarily, you know like the spray on black or blue used on halloween Im sure they have a blondish yellow, and styling gel comes in blonde its coloured gel. . .

  7. To change hair color to blonde, first you have to remove the color that’s already there. This means that you strip the color from the hair, first. Then the blonde color is added in. Your hair would grow back in its natural color, but yes, you’d have to give up your red hair.

    You can temporarily dye your hair DARKER, but not lighter. Any blonde streaks or color that you can try temporarily will just sit on top of the hair shaft, and your red coloring will show through it.

    It’s very, very difficult to remove the red pigment from hair. Many redheads find that they get a very brassy tone to their hair when they try to lighten it because they can’t strip all the color from their hair. A wig is your best option. Or just stay a redhead. Redheads are very striking, and get more attention than blondes, even.

  8. Go to sally beauty supply and look for beyond the zone temporaily hair color! It last about 5 washes I believe

  9. You’re hair color’s deep enough that you’d have to use permanent dye, and you probably wouldn’t be able to imitate that color. That being said, you’re young, you’ll have time for it to look awkward/awesome and grow out. And blond might look pretty.

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