How do I dye a blonde streak in my black hair?

I need to dye my hair black again but I want to put blonde in my bangs.
Which color do I do first?
And any tips?

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  1. Dye it black first then bleach a strip.
    Or if you already have blonnde i guess you can try to dye everything but that chunk of your bangs.
    good luck :3

  2. First by yourself some “Blondisima” and bleach the hairs you want blond and then when you dye the rest of your hair black make sure to tie up the blond hair so they don’t get any black on.

  3. Hi :)

    i just recently dyed my blue hair blonde!

    and i have black in my hair too.

    If i weere you, i would go to sally hanses and buy some stuff
    your gonna need
    http://i. ebayimg. com/23/!BVnH0VQ!mk~$(KGrHgoOKiIEjlLmVkUiBKTVMenD3Q~~_35. JPG

    that stuff. it will strip your hair to a lighter color, without harmfully damaging it. actually, your soposed to dye it right after, this stuff gets your hair ready for dye

    with the blue in my hair, i had to do it twice. but you only need one box, i cut the applications in hafl.

    it will make your hair a light orangy kidna color, so if you want blonde, your going to need hair bleach and developer.

    just put hair bleach and stuff on your hair, and follow the directions. you wont need it on long. if your hair is being stubborn wash it out and bleach it again for a little bit.

    then finally, buy blonde hair dye at sally’s, and dye your hair blonde over it.

    i did all of this in one night to my already damaged hair, and it actually turned out fine and its not that damaged.

    take it slow too. it took me about 2 hours, haha. if your hairs really stubborn you might need to wait an extra day or two and then bleach it more and then put more blonde dye over it.

  4. This truly depends on your hair color now.
    If you hair color is closer to dark blonde than chocolate brown then dye it blonde first then do the dark. . . .

    if its darker then either way. . . it won’t matter

  5. What you do is get some foil and cut it into a rectangle. Pick out the pieces and put them in the foil, apply bleach to them. You may need to use more than a couple foils if the chunk you choose is thick.

    Then, while the foils are processing with the bleach, apply the black hair dye all over. Don’t worry about it getting in the foils, the bleach won’t allow the black to get on those hairs. Do not rinse until the blonde pieces are as light as you want them. Even if the black dye says rinse at 30 minutes, you can technically leave it on for longer since it does not contain any ammonia (if you are using box dye) and won’t harm your hair.

    *Do not dye your hair black first and then bleach your bangs. It will cause longer processing time, which means, MORE DAMAGE. Since your hair sucks up the black hair dye molecules into the hair, if you were to put bleach directly over that, the bleach needs time to eat the black dye molecules to turn the hair a lighter color. Also, black dye turns a peach color when you put bleach on it. Yuck.

  6. Hey Mrs Cupcake you should defenetly do the blonde first then tie it in a ponytail and do the black so it dosnt meshh then die the rest black but if its little streaks that will barely fit into a whole ponytail then still start with the blonde LOL !! hope it helped

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