How much does cost an average cut and color?

I always get my hair cut only once by a professional, about two Jahren.Über how much it costs for a cut and dye job cost?

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  1. I charge $ 20 for a cut and $ 38-65 for a color. If it start a network of any type of I at $ 125.

  2. I work in Overland Park, Kansas (a suburb of Kansas City) and a full color and cut costs $ 110. If it raises is more. My salon is one of the better known salons in the area. The cost depends on where you are in the country, and how high-profile The salon is. The more expensive salons usually do more for the training of their employees.

  3. It depends on where you go. If you are after some high-class salon for a haircut costs about $ 35 and $ 50 dye. It could cost more if you have long hair. If you stop at a hair or go somewhere quickly a new haircut runs about $ 15-20 $ 35-45 and dye. And do not forget the tip.

  4. Depends on where you live. If you live in a poorer area, it will be cheaper than if you lived in a wealthier area. I found the hard way, no matter how much, whether its $ 25 at a beauty school for cut and color or $ 110 for the same pay at a nice salon, both of which can fry your hair give you a chemical burn.

  5. It depends how long ur hair is, but the average is $ 40-50 for both cut and dye

  6. dependent everywhere 50-100 $ of the length of the HaareEs could be more or less it could be

  7. I charge 30 for a haircut and 50-60 for a full color depending on how long your hair is.

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