How often can you dye your hair without damaging it?

I’m not 100% with the color that I dyed my hair this weekend, very happy. I would like to see him a few weeks to see if they will tone it down a little, or if I’ll get used to, but if I can decide myself how soon I dye it again, without destroying it? I appreciate answers from experience. Thank you, I have my hair dyed in the past, but there is at least three years. It’s pretty healthy, and I never use bleach.

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  1. Give it 4-6 Monate.Ich always have color and highlight my hair and my cousin is a proffessional. He is the one that for me and he told me I should not color it again for 4-6 months because of the chemicals.

  2. I think my hair every 3 MonateSieht still healthy, but this is only my hair is Haare.Mein discusting mates, and it does it less than me!

  3. My girlfriend has her hair at least 50 times in the last two years and her hair is dyed fine just a few split ends and a bit thin, but it does not destroy your hair if you bleach it a lot, but everyones hair is different

  4. It depends on how often you have it before dyed, bleached, if it is of dying etc.Wenn this your first time dying your hair, you did not fade and after a few weeks you decide you still do not like, you could again färben.It’s not “healthy” for your hair, but it will not destroy completely. I am inclined to wait for about a month until I dyed my hair again, but this is still very kurz.Ich would wait, about 3-4 weeks, if you absolutely hate the color. If not, wait as long as you can.

  5. I have my hair dyed a variety of colors and my mother is a hairdresser, so I know pretty much about Haarfärbemittelnmeisten hair dyes are usually made from air conditioning, so they actually make your hair softer and in better condition, it is fine the only , which can destroy your hair is bleachAuch when the hair is getting damaged then a trim, take off the dead bits split at the end and makes it much more gesundehoffe that helps

  6. It depends on whether the color is temporary or permanent permanent color – not less than 3 MonatenTemporäre Color – 6-8 weeks. I have specific features in the area and use a temporary color and this is the time which I use in general, apply. Actually, you can probably paint the hair with a color temp faster than that.

  7. Wait until some grow from your roots, you should wait until the color begins to fade, or until it begins to grow. Your best bet is to your hair cut and a bit shorter, until your root wachsen.So in estimation, wait about 6-9 months out of the dying.

  8. good. . . . Dying ur hair ur hair ruins. . . . . pretty much ruined u alredy ur hair. but it dosent really noticeable until u dyed it several times. . . but who cares cause if it some1 ir dyes hair looks good in general:)

  9. I dyed my hair about every two months. There were times, been even if I have dyed it up to three times in a month. it depends only on your hair. I have hair up to 50 times (it is colored an addiction) and my hair is as healthy as before I ever inked. I would not lead to bleach it would fry, but only soft and easy hair dye.

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