If I dye my hair today, how long do I have to wait to dye it a different color?

I dyed my hair and I do not like the color. How long do I need to wait before I can dye it again to change the color?

5 thoughts on “If I dye my hair today, how long do I have to wait to dye it a different color?

  1. usually i’ll recommend to wait for at least 14 days, if its normal coloring.

    however, if it involves bleaching or bleaching+color, i would suggest at least a month or two, because bleaching seriously damages your hair.

  2. it depends what colour you put on if its dark then you will have to wait probably untill it grows out as tint will not lift tint only bleach will you will have to go to a salon to have a strand test done. if its light you can pretty much do it straight away but don;t use an ash colour or it will go green these are words form a hairdresser of 14yrs trust me

  3. If you don’t want your hair to break off, have tons of split ends, etc., I think most hair salons suggest that you wait about four weeks before applying a different color. You could also come out with disastrous looking results. That’s why you should always do a test trip underneath your hair to see if you are going to like it. And if you are going to be changing colors quite a bit, you might want to try temporary colors or semi-permanent before you go with permanent color. Permanent color can last up to 8 to 10 weeks depending on what condition your hair is in and you could wind up with a mixture of ugly color. You may want to try this tip though…use a shampoo that tends to strip color from your hair like Prell, but make sure you use a light conditioner afterwards to keep your hair in good shape. Prell is one of the fast color-stripping shampoos on the market and it can really dry out your hair. It’s great for someone who has really greasy hair though. They might be able to go 2 days without washing their hair instead of washing it every single day or several times a day, like athletes usually have to do. Hope this helps.

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