Is it okay to dye my hair right after I wash it?

I want my hair dyed today, but I washed it this morning. The hair dye box says, it does not wash for 24 hours before the dye, but every time I have gone to the salon to get it dyed, they always wash my hair first. My aunt is a stylist, and she said it does not really matter if you have really dry hair, but I’m still shocked. Is it okay to dye it now, or should I wait? Has anyone out there dyed her hair right after washing it? Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Is it okay to dye my hair right after I wash it?

  1. It does not matter. Your hair must be clean and free of products is why we wash it in the salon, the people almost never come in with clean hair. But it has no effect on the dye.

  2. If you do the treatment at home, it’s probably not a good idea to wash it. Clean hair is softer and smoother, which do not give the dye of the best surface to adhere to. Since the branded colors are usually a little less hard than the brands they use in cosmetics like – you probably dye the day after you order you to wash the best results.

  3. I have always said that it is better to dye your hair before you wash it, but I have dyed my hair a million times after I washed my hair and it turned out, ever finer. About a year ago I did my hair and told the lady not wash your hair before you arrive and when I was not there, they wash, they dye it first. They say that the natural oils do better in the hair dye of the stick. I do not really think it matters, I am sure it will be good, or so! I hope this helps!

  4. Hair dye will not stick “to your hair, it penetrates into the hair shaft. Permanent color is strong enough to work on products and dirt. are semi-permanent color, but work better on clean hair because it did nothing to hinder the color. Semi-permanent color is softer, so it does not “eat,” dirt and products. And only in passing. . . . Shop-box color is not as gentle salon color! So to answer your question directly, it can be washed after the dye. Please have your hair are dry, not wet.

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