What color should I use to cover up the dye, red hair?

My hair was dyed black before, but I used color oops and now it is a medium red tin. I want it a brown color, but I would not like it much darker. Do you want dark ash blonde dye job okay?

3 thoughts on “What color should I use to cover up the dye, red hair?

  1. Use the color wheel opposite of something you do not want to use something red with a green (ASH), it will get rid of the color and have the same darkness you already that it is a brown for you.

  2. NO! If you have any blonde, ASH use or not, you get a lighter and Brassier red. Get a semi-permanent (no peroxide in it) neutral brown, not golden, no ashes, just a neutral medium brown, should do it. It may be dark at first, but it is brighter than you wash it. Your hair is porous and is now more pigment than usual, but a good conditioner after shampooing will help the damage. In about 2-3 weeks, then a permanent dye in a more neutral brown. . . but maybe a lighter shade.

  3. I used to have bright red hair and when it disappears it was easy Auburn. I have a Medium Ash Brown Level 4 and it covered it fairly well and was very dark and then after a few washings was a beautiful brown neutral, would seep through but after a while the red. Sometimes applying a primer to your hair will help to fill the pores and then add the color right above that it will take. I would not try if a blonde, it will counteract too light and not the red.

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