What hair dye colors stay the longest time in your hair?

I want to dye my hair with purple streaks. I have a friend who dyed his entire hair purple and it only lasted a couple days. is that just the nature of purple hair coloring? Should I do blue instead? What colors stay best particularly with the kind that you do at home.
If it matters, I have thick, medium length, medium brown hair.

3 thoughts on “What hair dye colors stay the longest time in your hair?

  1. I found that Manic Panic’s Rock N’ Roll Red lasts a long time. Same with their Dark Blue (cant remember actual name) Maybe you could mix them!

    Make sure you bleach the areas where you’re gonna be dying!

  2. Hmm, not really sure what kind of purple your friend used to only last a few days, but i would suggest not using that brand. The darker colors are going to stay in longer, so a darker purple should stay longer than a lighter purple or lighter blue. since your doing it at home, get the kind where you have to bleach your hair first, then dye it, since your hair is dark brown, because it will stay in longer. Get some kind of shampoo and conditioner that is for color treated hair, and only wash it every other day, if you can. The less you wash it, the longer it will stay in. hope this helps.

  3. I have brown hair as well, i dyed it with semi-permanent manic panic red hair dye so i knew it would come out fast. I had it last for about 2 weeks though and red ive heard is the hardest color to keep. My best friend did purple streaks but she lightened it before she did it so it would show up more. So i do recommend lightening it before, but if you don’t want to add heat it will intensify the color. Wash it in cold water and for dye Manic Panic has the best colors and i know they sell it at Sally’s and Hot Topic. Hope this helped!

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