What is a good hair dye brand that doesn’t dry hair out too much, rather make it better?

I want to dye my hair black, but my hair is already kinda damaged. Is there a hair dye that wouldn’t damage it? I don’t care if it’s an expensive brand. I’ve heard there’s hair dyes that make your hair better somehow.

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  1. if you dying it black it wont damage your hair!
    as its just a dye!(colour) its only bleach that will dry out your hair,as it thins the hair particles!
    i really suggest you dont dye your hair black tho!
    iv bin there and done it and you wont be able to get it out!
    you will have to wait for it to grow out!
    my hair was long and black,it took me 6 months,and most of my hair being chopped off to get it back to my naturall colour(blonde)
    black is a mixture of all colours,if you ever want to get it lighter it will turn bright ginger in the process!
    so really !GOODLUCK!!!!!X

    use clairol nice and easy black dye,used to leave my hair nice and silky!

  2. natural instincts by Clairol it is very good I don’t dye my hair anymore but this made my color really vibrant and smelled really good on my hair.

  3. well there really isn’t because either way your hair will be damaged. But you can try clairol, loreal, or herbal essence

  4. I would say use Herbal essences hair color because it has natural enhancers and it also has a conditioner that helps minimize damage of your hair. But if you really want healthier hair, i would try natural instincts by Clairol which isn’t permanent but lasts for 6 weeks and has no harmful chemicals.

  5. No dye product makes your hair better. Permanent dyes have chemicals that raise the cuticle of your hair in order to deposit color into the cortex. That roughens the cuticle and leaves the hair susceptible to damage. But you should use a demi-permanent dye especially if you’re going darker. They aren’t strong enough to bleach, or lighten, hair. They are gentle but they do wash out in 20-26 shampoos.

    The drugstore has maybe one or two brands of demi-permanent dye, for example Natural Instincts. They are good, but if you go to Sally Beauty Supply there are a lot more choices, and the products available there to the public are a step up from the ones in the drugstore. It’s also economical, especially if you’re going to be dying more than once. The colors aren’t in kits, you buy the small bottle of color for $5-6 and a bottle of developer which is about $4. You’ll also need some disposable gloves, a mixing bottle, a small measuring container, and an after-color conditioner. The developer is a big bottle and lasts a long time. The salesclerks at Sally are usually knowledgeable and can help you choose. Actually practically any kind of permanent dye can be used as a demi-permanent if mixed with weak (7 vol. ) developer.

    ‘Demi Permanent’ hair color

    Companies like Compagnia Del Colore from Italy have found a way to use a permanent hair color for deposit only. This is done by mixing permanent hair color with low volume (usually a 7 volume developer) that blows off the ammonia from the permanent tube and deposits only into the hair shaft. A demi is a gentle permanent color used whenever you want to deposit color without lifting the natural pigment but with the deep penetration results of permanent hair color. Since they are gentle, they are perfect for tint-backs and colorpriming. They are also great for toning pre-lightened hair.
    http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Hair_coloring

  6. I agree, Natural Instincts. Look at this one:
    http://www. walgreens. com/store/product. jsp?id=prod849701&CATID=100846&skuid=sku849687&V=G&ec=frgl_689243&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=sku849687

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