What will happen if I dye my hair a third time within 5 days?

I dyed my hair black on Thursday, now make it not like me. so today, Monday, blonde hair dye i used and it is still black. so, tomorrow, Tuesday, I will buy a better dye blonde hair, so my hair can be brown, the black out. Is it good?

8 thoughts on “What will happen if I dye my hair a third time within 5 days?

  1. Better buy some shoe polish, because you have something you rub on your head all your hair falls out.

  2. best we can to damage and dry your hair pretty bad, and probably not the blonde make your hair brown. I would wait for the black then fade to a nice warm brown over it.

  3. this is really bad for your hair and you should, let it just run alone, that at the end of your me destroying your hair. Go to a hairdresser and they will fix it for you.

  4. It would be best to place the color from the blond hair buy strips. Then, after stripping the paint, dye hair back to the color you want.

  5. Wow! Do not do it! Color does not remove color. To remove bleach or a color that will help you. Many companies have a color remover and you can ask at a Beauty Supply. After most of the black is removed, you probably have to get the color back to a decent color. Keep it well-conditioned. Good luck!

  6. Do not do it. Your hair is so damaged and fall out, as many chemicals in hair dye! Go to a hairdresser they can dye for you or maybe you will take to grow your new hair color does it take a while for large changes in hair color.

  7. i have colored my hair 7 times in the past 3 years. and i am 16 years old. a couple months ago i colored it a dark brown. and i used color treated shampoo and conditioner. and my color has faded some and would re coloring it dark brown be bad for my hair?

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