How can i keep my hair from being greasy?

i’ve tried lots of things, one big problem is my hair is curly at the bottom and really, really dry at the bottom but it gets greasy and nasty at the top, how can i fix this. i don’t want to dry my hair out more but i hate the greasiness. Don’t tell me to use this or that shampoo because i swear i’ve tried hundreds out. Any home remedies or tips i can follow? my hair is also very very coarse and rough, anything to make it softer? please help!

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  1. Wash your hair every other day at most so your hair won’t be as greasy on the top (the first week or so of doing this your hair might still be greasy because your hair is not used to the schedule, but it will get better)
    Aussie products work well for me ( i use moist shampoo and leave-in conditioner) you could try those, i suggest 3 Minute Miracle (aussie) but don’t use conditioner on the top of your head, makes it look greasy and don’t eat greasy foods, it can contribute to greasy hair

  2. Mine’s like this, unfortunatly you just have to go with it, and make sure you wash it a lot. I add egg whites to my shampoo, which helps a little but not much.
    Just try to keep product out of it, and don’t touch is much with you hands, they have TONS of oil on them.

  3. simple! apply baby powder to hair! not only it will give your hair that nice fragrance but keeps the grease away. try to get the talc free one, if you are really skeptic about it natural cornstarch also helps! but personally i love baby powder.

    try it!!! ;)

  4. when you shampoo your head to you scratch it with your fingernails? if so don’t it like picking at zits except for its with grease also use a bristle brush it evens out the texture from top to bottom and baby powder its for removing wetness perfect for greasy hair (but remember to shake you head several times or brush with your bristle brush:p)

  5. You’ve tried everything? That’s just it, you’ve been a guinea pig for products that absolutely do not do it for you. Another example why the hair industry is a billion dollar business.

    First of you, you are probably using the wrong shampoo. There are shampoos that do not promote grease, example Garnier for Normal Hair. I would have taken them all back, if they made my hair greasy.

    Shampoos that advertise, shine, or smooth like Pantene, Alberto Vo5, Herbal Essence, Suave FOR ME they make my hair greasy on the 2nd day. They’re mostly for damaged hair because they worked for me when my hair was permed or dyed.

    Another reason, probably you have conditioner build-up.

    You can tame the coarse & rough and make it softer, by setting your hair in plastic curlers (even guys uses them in the hair color & fashion industry). Blow-dry and when you take them out, finger comb to style.

  6. For the greasy top I would just sprinkle/comb in some baby powder. Then find some spray leave-in conditioner to spray in the bottom; one I really like to use is the Aussie brand, that way you don’t have to choose to have to top greasy or the bottom dry. The leave in conditioner also helps my hair with being static.

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