How do I color my hair light blonde(almost platinum) without it turning yellow?

My hair is a light caramel color and I want it light blonde.But I don’t want it yellow.How do I get a cheap but pretty color for my hair?My natural color is dark blonde.My rootes are growing back.

17 thoughts on “How do I color my hair light blonde(almost platinum) without it turning yellow?

  1. please go to a professional. (:
    I know its a recession and everything, but please shell out the extra money, you could mess your hair up so bad. Good luck

  2. You’ll need to use a toner after colouring your hair, something with blue in it as this will counteract the yellowness.

  3. u first pint it in the coulor u want, and then…pint it w/ the ink grey,the grey take the gold off

  4. try using more of a golden blonde instead of platinum blonde. and try the loreal blondissimos or however u spell it, its only like 7 dollars a box and ive gotten great results.

  5. if you can find it use L’oreal Les Blondeissemes ( not sure if that spelling is correct ) it will achieve the lightest blonde possible with out bleach. and be sure to get and ashe color like extra light ashe blonde. ashe colors are more white than a natural blonde or a sunny blonde shade. good luck.

  6. Bleach it….leave it on for as long as possible otherwise if you take it off too early it will be yellow. It should end up white blonde.

  7. Oh my lanta. I want to do this too. Well, there is actually an amazing dying kit at walmart that is just a tad lighter than plat. or bleach blonde. This kit, I believe is Loreal, but if you go to walmart there should be some in the range of $10-$20 worth of things. Likely, you’ll fine something but if it’s not a big brand name (like Loreal) you might want to look up the reviews q:

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