How do I dye the top portion of my hair only?

I’m African American and my hair is brown. I want to dye the top portion of my hair honey blonde while leaving the bottom (underneath) portion brown. I’ve dyed my hair honey blonde before and it looked great, but I like the two-tonal look. Do you know what this dying technique is called? Does anyone have an tips or pictures? Do you know of any celebrities that have this style?

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  1. You should go to a salon and have it done. It is not fun to mess up on hair. Even though it is just hair, it sucks to have bad hair.

  2. whem my friend did this she held up the top of her hair and when the dye was on wrapped it in cling film or tin foil or someting then washed it off carefully making sure the dye did not go on the bottom half of her hair.

  3. Too easy.
    Just section the top layer off using a comb. Pin it up, and then put a sheet of tin foil over the bottom layer. Hold it in place with rubber pins (metal may react with the dye). Make sure the foil completely covers the area of hair that you don’t want to colour.
    Then, just do the dye part. You don’t need to be too careful when you rinse it out because the bleach won’t dye the rest of your hair in the few seconds it’s in contact with it.
    I don’t know what the name of this technique is called, but I did it on my own hair, sort of. I sectioned off a big chunk of hair on my top layer and bleached it white blonde, and then dyed the rest of my hair dark brown. It looks awesome and nobody can believe I did it myself. It was super easy.

  4. You need another set of hands…get a girlfriend or ur Mom to section off your hair and dye the sections one at a time and foil them over…take your time but not too much time! I’ve seen them paint the hair with a brush…hope this helps?

  5. I say see a colorist. If no, I say put the portion of hair that you don’t want colored in a pontail and the rest leave out. the portion that will be colored I say separate into four sections. Take hair color pour it into a bowl. Get a tint brush from the beauty supply store and then apply the color to your hair as if you were doing a relaxer that way the color will only get to the section you want.

  6. Well my hair is blonde with black underneath, I went to a salon to get this done, then after once you know where to dye, you can carry on doing this at home, i just grab all of my blonde bits that i want to dye and just tie the rest up…sounds asif it woundnt work but mines fine!!

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