How do I moisturize my dry, curly hair and get rid of dandruff?

Here’s the issue. I have short, dry, curly brown hair and i find that the best thing is to wash it about twice a week to keep it moisturized. However this doesn’t help my dandruff problem. Also, I straighten my hair and would prefer to straighten as few times as possible to prevent hair damage. What shampooing process and hair products should I use to get really moisturized hair without getting dandruff???

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  1. Might be the shampoo/conditoner you’re using that’s causing dandruff. Take for example, everyone told me to try Pantene shampoo. I thought it might be nice. I liked the texture and smell, but it caused me horrible, horrible dandruff as well as an itchy scalp. So I would try messing around with different brands of shampoos to see what you like and to see if that’s the problem.

    That’s what I use to moisturize my hair. It works SO good, and makes my hair super, super soft. Not the best picture of it, but its a 3 minute hair mask you put on while in the shower.

  2. use herbal shampoo only 3 times a week..3 times a week oitl r hair fully 30 mins before bath
    thickening n dandruff–apply henna if ur ok with the later color yahoo search-for results overview for ur hair color on net

    moisturize- appl oil after bath or conditioner only to ur hair ends…jus put a little oil in ur plams and jus apply it on ur hair dont run into ur scalp it will cause mare dirt accumulation

    keep ur scalp clean and keeping it oiled also will hel reducing dandruff growth so apply on night or as u wish..use coconut oil/olive oil/apply falxseeds/lavender oil is good for dandruff/mix neem oil if possible..

  3. Change your diet. If you notice that dandruff is becoming a problem, increase the amount of vegetable and fruits you eat. You can eat more fish and drink more water as well. The water will help eliminate toxins in your body. Or try searching for homeopathic remedies products that will help you to cure dandruff naturally.

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