How do I remove jean dye from my white leather purse?

I own a white Chanel handbag that is leather and my jeans blue dye faded onto it. Now there is blue all over one side of the bag! Besides going to the cleaners, are there any other ways of treatments to get rid of the blue jean dye? Thank you!

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  1. You have what is known as dye transfer, the dye from the jeans has redyed the leather. The usual process for removing dye transfer is to use LTT Maxi Cleaner (specifically designed for the job) and if this does not work to call a technician who will have much stronger products to remove it. It depends how far it has penetrated the finish on the leather how easy it is to remove.

    The use of a good leather protector (one that works- many don’t) will help inhibit this type of thing happening again, as it will be easier to clean off.

    It is not a good idea to try anything else without taking expert advice as sometimes the products you use can contain silicones which may make refinishing impossible, new finish will not adhere to silicones.

    A word of caution to all those who post on here with all these household products to try – they do not work and in many cases it will make matters much worse and be very costly to fix.

    Please DO NOT try hairspray, milk, baby wipes etc as these will make the matter much worse and are unlikely ot work

  2. Hello there,

    I have used milk for my white leather purse (for pen marks)… I know it sounds weird, but the enzymes in the milk will draw out the ink from the leather. put milk on a rough cloth towel, use circular motions and some elbow grease.. it might do the same for jean dye. Good Luck!

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