How do I temporarily dye my hair white?

I am planning to dye my hair white for halloween. what are the best products that will dye all of my hair white that I can wash out a little later? thanks in advance!

13 thoughts on “How do I temporarily dye my hair white?

  1. i dont know maybee try using a wash out hair dye, i used it once and it worked you can get them at a dollar store or at walmart best of luck !!

  2. Get a white colored hair spray from a party store. depending on how dark your hair is you might need a couple cans. But the CSR will be able to help you out with that.

  3. use poster colour to paint your hair.
    to remove it-oil your hair for almost 1 hour and the wash them with boiled water and the next day wash it usually a u do it..

  4. Shoe polish or maybe Dutchboy paint..

    If that doesn’t work then rub peanut butter around your mouth and go as an a**hole

  5. Get the temporary hair color spray–they’re at Walmart, Party City and wherever there’s Halloween stuff. Plus after you spray it, dust some baby powder over it, that makes it even whiter.

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