How long after coloring hair can I get highlights?

I just colored my hair on Tuesday night, and I would like to highlight my hair to break the color up a bit. I want to get it done proffesionally, but was wondering how long I should wait, even going to a pro, before getting my hair highlighted? My hair is rather healthy and I take great care of usually, this is probably a one time event. Whats the soonest I could do it, and when would it be safest? I will also cut my hair the same day to keep it healthy.

6 thoughts on “How long after coloring hair can I get highlights?

  1. I normally wait about a week, especially if you say your hairs in good condition. I color mine at home a reddish blonde, then have a pro. highlight real blonde thru out. It comes out good.

  2. i tell my clients to wait two weeks and to condition alot with biolage conditioning balm, hint rinse all cond out with cooler water, it closes the cuticle down over the conditioner molecule to let the cond work form the inside out, good luck and i think you are doing the best thing by going to a pro, good luck hon

  3. You can highlite your hair the very same day! When you color your hair darker you are adding pigment to your hair. This is not usually very damaging to your hair depending on wich product you use. When you highlite your hair you are taking out the natural pigment. which can be damaging but if you are going to a pro, they will know when to take the color so it does not damage your hair. You will be suprised at how well your hair will style once you highlite it! If you are worried about damage have the stylist do a diamond foil on the top and sides this will look like you highlited your whole head when in reality you only highlited the top and sides. It blends beautifly! Good Luck!

  4. As long as your hair is healthy and you get a good moisturizing/conditioning treatment afterwards you can get the highlights as soon as you want. I’m a hairdresser and I do single process color with highlights on the same day a lot.

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