How long do you wait before you shampoo your hair after you dye it?

I have light to medium brown hair and I just dyed it auburn. On the box of the hair color it said to wait 24 hours after you dyed it before you shampoo it. Would it matter if I shampoo my hair before that?

4 thoughts on “How long do you wait before you shampoo your hair after you dye it?

  1. if you wash your hair before you will wash some colour out of your hair. but if you wait the colour would of set in by 24 hrs. so if i were you i would wait 24 hours

  2. yes u should let it set as long as possible. it will last longer. also get some shampoo and conditioner for color hair. i find it makes my color last longer and healthy. you don’t have to buy expensive stuff either. i also use the conditioner once a week, i put it on towel dry hair and keep it in for as long as possible and then rinse. great for keeping your hair healthy and frizz free :) sorry so long of a reply. hee hee

  3. I would follow the directions if you want to keep the color. You can rinse your hair if you need to change it. Same with a perm!

  4. my hair is naturally blonde and i dye it black so theres a big difference! Unfortunately if i dont shampoo my hair soon after dying it, my head becomes very itchy from the dye. So i wash the dye out very well and then shampoo a few hours after (usually just before i go to bed). This works fine and doesnt make the colour come out at all, apart from the usual excess.

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