How long is shampoo and conditioner good for?

I bought some high end shampoo and conditioner at Target. The brand is Umberto. It was marked down to less than $2. The orignal price was $5.99. When I opened the bottle the shampoo was fine but the conditioner is really thick. I have been using for a week now and my neck is breaking out in red rash. Should I stop using? Why I am breaking out?

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  1. First rule of thumb…..ANYthing that gives you a red rash….STOP using it immediately!!!!!!!!

    Shampoos and conditioners don’t really have an expiration date….but the fact that the conditioner made you break out in a rash……..not good…

    Try Pantene Winter Rescue….its great!

  2. High end shampoo & conditioners go for around $80 to $200 a bottle. What you bought was a cheap product marked down even cheaper & Target still made a profit.

  3. i would advise you to stop it, why do you want to use conditioners as they spoil the hair, if used excess… try home conditioners like curd and lemon, apply it … it is good also you can apply egg, or even beer- if you have any left out in the party they are good conditioners.. try it

  4. If you still have the receipt, return it to the store. You can do that if you’re allergic to it. Umberto probably went on clearance because they were no longer going to carry that, and resetting with higher-end salon products. You can return 2 items a year without a receipt, but Target has to still have the item on file in the store if you don’t have a receipt. (I work at the service desk at a Target store.) :) Hope that helps!

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