How long should I wait before I color my hair again?

I colored my hair with Clairol’s perfect 10 pertinent hair color exactly two weeks ago today. The color I achieved the day of was beautiful, but faded drastically after just two washings. Instead of the dark auburn I had initially, I now have kind of an orange/brown color that I hate.

I want to use a different brand this time to see if I can get better results. How long should I wait before I should color again?

5 thoughts on “How long should I wait before I color my hair again?

  1. you can color it now. they say that u shouldnt do it for 2 weeks but i have dyed my hair then bleached it 2 twice in one day. it depends on your hair texture, even just waiting a week is sufficent

  2. If it was not blonde or black it´s not too dangerous. After using blonde or black you should wait at least 6 weeks, but if it wasn´t, as in your case, you can try it again now. But don´t do it too often, cause your hair might get destroyed by that stuff…

  3. A lot of hair dyes are like that…make your hair darker at first and after a few washings not so nice/dark.

    You shouldn’t dye your hair again if you just dyed it two weeks ago. I don’t think it will ruin your hair(I dyed mine three times in one month including bleach) but it’s not good for your hair. Mine ended up three different colours! And was more dry and frizzy!

    I would recommend you go to a salon and get the colour stripped first.

    Then next time you dye your hair try Garnier 100% colour. I will admit I don’t like Garniers other products but I love their hair dye!

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