How safe is the horse shampoo for human use?

Is it true that a shampoo for manes is good for human hair? How effective is it for us? Does it makes our hair thick? what shampoo is best for semi-curly hair to make it straighter?

6 thoughts on “How safe is the horse shampoo for human use?

  1. If you mean Mane and Tail it is very safe. I have used it and know many others who have also. It is reallly good for your hair. It definitely won’t hurt you. Go ahead and give it a try!

  2. You’re probably thinking of Mane & Tail. That stuff is great. It doesn’t make your hair literally thicker, but it does give your hair some body.

    I don’t know of a shampoo that will straighten hair; most conditioners just make hair a little more manageable.

  3. As a stylist I would recomend using human shampoo. You have to know all the chemicals in the horse shampoo but I still say human shampoo

  4. Very much, in fact you can drink it up because its rich in hydrolized protein….You can also use that shampoo to lube up ur S+E+X life.

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