How to color your hair with household items?

I would like to experiment a little. I have dirty blonde/light brown hair what can I use to change the color? Please tell me how to use it also. Thanks.

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  1. I’ve heard you can soak your hair in the juice of a fresh lemon and let it set for 30mins-1hr before washing as usual and it will lighten it. I’ve never actually tried it tho because I’m not a blond.

  2. You can use kool-aid mixed with conditioner to create a fun color. If you want the color more vibrant and longer-lasting it’s best to keep the kool-aid mix on your hair over night.

  3. I used to color my hair all the time,but then my hair got thinner so I stopped..but I used to do it just because I liked to have a different hair style all the time,I get bored with my hair easy,so I like to do lots with it,Iv had my hair probably every color, from red,turquoise,pink,ruby red,blonde, burgundy,purple,bleached,black,…etc..I don’t so it anymore though,usually I concerned all my problem about hair to this precious side:

  4. Use a type of herb called Henna. I’m not exactly sure where you can buy but it definitely is the safest option and it works. I used to use it.

  5. lemon juice could eventually give your hair highlights and streaks of lighter natural looking color.

    1.Work the lemon juice into your hair. Make sure that you work the lemon juice evenly across the top of your hair, along your part areas, hair lines and crown areas.

    2. Leave the lemon juice in your hair while you are out in the sun for about an hour. The lemon juice contains lots of acid, so you really don’t want to expose your hair to both extreme sun and the acid in the lemon juice for long periods of time. Rinse the lemon juice out of your hair.

    3.Repeat the process of applying the lemon juice in your hair and being in the sun as many times as necessary to notice the first difference in the color.

  6. well i am doin my hair with hawaiian punch right now and im leaving it in for about 4 hours. so try that and if that doesnt work try using some kool-aid. ppl have told me tht works REALLY good. If my hair turns out good with the Hawaiian Punch i will let u kno.<33

  7. I actually used a mix of paprika && water which turns your hair a nice shade of red… just make sure you really mix it in && there is more water. :]

  8. you can use henna i use henna and it makes your hair redy kinda color, i think u can get them from indian shops, i don’t really know, my dad gets them 4 me! ;)

  9. mix shanpoo cocoa powder and cinnamon together it becomes a pretty aburn color leave i 4 4 hrs

  10. For light blonde put about three juiced lemons in your hair and leave on for 15-25 mins
    for brown do the same thing, but instead of lemons , use coffe or black tea. For red, use a beet juice and carrot mix. Juice the carrot and beet and mix it up. Applyto hair and lwave in for 15 mins. Btw, koolaid gives nice color , but dries out hair and only lasts about 3-5 washes

  11. Well it depends what color you want it. If you want like a red blue or purple color, you could use kool aid. But if you want a natural looking color then sorry i can really help you. You can google how to use the kool aid butbi tried it the other day and it works pretty good. But im gonna have to do it again every couple weeks. So if u want permanent youll need hair dye. If not then id say just use koolaid. Plus its fun to do :P

  12. Food coloring! Sometimes it will wash ritee out ( depends on you hair.) … but really easy fast and bright! Just rub a few drops into the streak your coloring and blow dry! Fades fast but cool turn out(:

  13. u should use kool aid. all the girls at my school do it and it looks good. it works best with cherry kool aid, and it looks good on most hair shades. hope it helped :)

  14. using koolaid with my hair didn’t work…i have really dark hair almost black. me and my sissy left koolaid in our hair and mixed it with shampoo and left it in during the nite. (we covered our heads with plastic pages) but to give your hair a tint of red i mixed red koolaid with shampoo and washed my hair with it every nite. after a month it started working and looked really cool. (it started staining to grout in the shower) hope this works ♥

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