How to curl hair with a straightner properly?

in constantly straightening my hair and want to try out curling, what are some tips for getting a nice curl? thanks. xx

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  1. http://www. youtube. learned from this video! i do not have that straightener, but any one inch flat iron will work :) and it REALLY works, you do not need tons of hair spray for it to hold either because of the different amount of heat coming from the straightenerit lasts all day too :) good luck!

  2. 1Start off by dividing your hair, this can be done by parting your hair into two parts straight down the middle. For each side, roll your hair into a bun and hold it up with a clip. You also should repeat the last step for the other part of your hair. Step2 Turn on your straightener, and place it onto a sensible place. Step3 You will then need to take a bit of hair out of your bun this section of your hair you take out should be as thick as one of your fingers. Step4 You then need to hold that section of hair near the end of the straightener. You are then required to place the iron over the section of your hair. Afterwards, wrap that section of hair around the bottom plate. Step5 You will then need to gently close the straightener lightly gripping the section of your hair. Then glide the straightener down towards the ends and rotate it outwards. If you do not like the curl you end up with you can always try again on the same section of your hair. Step6 You then need to repeat step 3-5, and use it to curl up the rest of your hair with a straightenerheres a video how to do it http://www. metacafe. com/watch/1124011/reor_susie_how_to_curl_hair_with_a_straightener/this video id for flatiron but it works http://www. youtube.

  3. same here! 1st do you just want one or curl to have your head bouncy with curls? well when i curl my hair with a straightener first I divide my hair into like 3-4 layers. Second leave one pin down and the others at the top of your head out of the way. Third 1in a grave. amount of hair4. put the straighter at the top of the 1 in the beach, straighter twist upwards (kinda like folding the hair,) hold (this is hard to describe) 5 SLOWLY pull down or else it, s just like straightening your hair. 6th Congrats you now have a curl. 7th hairspray! if your hair can not hold. 8th remember to use heat protectant Here are some vids that might help! http://www. youtube. com / watch? v = 5fkSwiszOQUhttp :/ / www. youtube. com / watch? v = fpl9KYzmJ6s

  4. its hard to explain, there are some videos, but i can not find them atm. take a small section of the straightener hairput up the top, turn it 180 degreesthen pull it down a bitand turn another 180 degrees and pull all the way down your HAIRthe slower gothenburg you tighten the curlgood luck :)

  5. To create bouncy curls: 1 Section off a section of hair you wish to curl2. Using your fingers hold the section of hair towards the end3. Place the straightner over the section of hair providing space to curl. 4th Gently wrap the strands of hair around the bottom plates of the hair straightner5. Slowly and gently press the plates together lightly gripping the piece of hair6. Slowly glide the straightner towards the end of the hair, slowly rotating the straightner outwards7. Hold for 2-3 seconds upon release giving the curls a stable and professional look when reaching the end of your hair to prevent frizziness so. To create larger curls1. Section off a larger beach of hair, not to big Ensuring you can have a firm grip of the hair and holding not to close to the roots of your hair2. Follow the above method to perform larger curlsTo create twirling curls: 1 Section off a piece of hair you wish to twirl2. Lightly grip the strands of hair with the hair straightner with a slight angle of 225 degrees. Third Slowly and gently turn the straightner inwards while slowly and carefully down the limb straigtner towards to end of the hair. 4th Hold for 2-3 seconds upon release to give you the curls to your perfection. The above method of ways to curl your hair using hair straigtners SAS can be easily done to your perfection. With SAS?’s Easy grip straightners perfection is garunteed.

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