How to remove Shimmer Lights Shampoo Purple From Bleached Hair?

I’ve been bleaching my hair for the past couple months, the tips are light blond, and the routes are a darker yellowish blond. (weird how that happened, I know)

I’ve been using Shimmer Lights shampoo to rid of the brassy tones, but each time I apply it, it leaves a lilac residue in the mid sections of the hair after repeatedly shampooing with regular shampoo and rinsing. Also, it has not lifted the yellow tones at the roots. Please help me someone!!

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  1. you need to go to a professional stylist to have this corrected. the lilac color is actually hair coloring that is deposit only and it will eventually fade from your hair. it sounds like you need to leave the hair color to a professional. the brassy tones are easier to correct with color.

  2. For the stains: Try shampooing with a harsher stripping shampoo such as Prell, available at many drugstores. As a last resort, try liquid dishwashing liquid. Leave the shampoo on a couple of minutes to try to get rid of the purple stain. You will need a really good conditioner afterwards.

    Why this happens: What is happening is that the hair near your scalp is not as bleached out and porous. That’s why it’s darker. Therefore, the purple can’t penetrate there as easily to either stain or to fight the darker yellow color.

    The mid sections of the hair are too porous because they have probably been bleached multiple times (possibly 5 or 6 times) from the bleach overlapping when you touched up the scalp. They absorb the purple color and it stains.

    The very tips of the ends have been bleached the most of all and may be so porous that they do not even hold the stain. When this happens, the ends can feel smooth and mushy when they’re wet.

    For the future: If you had a professional salon fix this, they would probably trim off the ends and apply a color filler to equalize the porosity of the hair before putting a toner on it to try to get the same color from scalp to ends.

    If you keep bleaching your hair at home, try to find someone to help you so you don’t overlap the bleach. Also, try to find a product that’s a porosity filler to use (Google search terms: hair porosity filler) until the damaged parts grow out and are cut off.

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