I dyed my hair last night, now its too dark. Any ways to lighten it at home without more dye?

I have red hair, the color dye I bought was auburn.
But now my hair looks dark brown.
The color on the box looked less dark and more red.
Do yall know any ways to lighten it at home today without using more dye?

8 thoughts on “I dyed my hair last night, now its too dark. Any ways to lighten it at home without more dye?

  1. Well that happened to me. My hair was strawberry blonde and I dyed it regular brown and it turned out to be almost black. What I did was I stood in the shower for about an hour and let the dye kinda wash out. Plus I shampooed it like 20 times.

  2. hair dye will wash out when you wash your hair. so it will eventually get lighter. even if it is permanent it should wash out somewhat

  3. if you wash it a lot it will come out, but don’t wash it a bazillion times.
    its bad for your hair. you just have to wait a little bit, unfortunately :[.

  4. Washing it several times may do the trick. Also, I know it sounds crazy, but lemon juice. I believe it’s something to do with the natural acidity of the lemon and with it being natural it should not damage the hair any further.

  5. When you use box color, it’s always a gamble. My advice would be to leave it alone and let it fade on it’s own.
    1. If you try washing it 100 times you will strip out all of your natural oils and ruin your hair.
    2. Do not try any BLEACH! That will screw it up more!
    3. If you want it lighter, at this point I would suggest getting a high light with a professional Hair Stylist.
    I am a licensed Cosmetologist and see this all the time. Don’t try and go cheap and color your hair from a box. Ask your Stylist if he/she will work with you $$$ money wise to keep your hair looking wonderful. You don’t need to color all the time, and you can save your hair.
    Hope this helps,

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