Is it better to dye your hair after cutting it or should I dye my hair first before cutting?

I have really really long hair, and I’m going to cut it soon. My mom says I should cut my hair first before dying it, but one of my friends says I need to dye my hair first before cutting. Which one is better?

19 thoughts on “Is it better to dye your hair after cutting it or should I dye my hair first before cutting?

  1. i would dye after cutting, so u “kno” ur hair, and if u get layers ur old color won’t show.

  2. Dye after. Since that way, you would know whether or not it would look good with your new hair cut. ^^

  3. Dying your hair always causes some damage so salons tend to dye first then cut. You can do it the other way just be aware that you could end up with some dry/split ends.

  4. definitely cut it then dye it because otherwise u will be wasting the hair dye on all the hair you are goin to cut off
    especially because you are going from long-short

  5. dye it first only because when you get your hair done they usually try to sucker you into dying it then and there and costing you more then you intend to spend

  6. u should cut it first because if u have real long hair, it’ll cost more. if u just cut it off….EW. and also if you dye it first and get a funky cut, it’ll look strange! you might cut it a weird way and the streaks won’t match or whatever you are doing.
    my first reason is the best out of this whole paragraph.
    -liz a.

  7. cut it first….then you have less hair to dye! my hair is about 4 or 5 inches past my shoulders and i have to use 2 boxes of hair dye when i dye my hair. and if you’re going to a salon, many salons will charge you more for longer hair. oh and if you’re getting highlights or anything, they will look different on different lengths of hair. so it’s better to cut your hair before you dye it. good luck!

  8. If you are doing it your self have it cut first it will be easier to do. If you are having it done by a hair dresser ask him or her what they would prefer to do. They will probably color first since they will want your hair wet when they cut it

  9. cut your hair first if you are cutting more than two inches
    the only reason is this

    why put color on hair that is not going to be there.. it is a waste of color

    other wise.. color it first because it’s best to color your hair dry

  10. You should cut your hair before dying it.
    During the summer I dyed my hair and then when I went to Taiwan, which was hot and humid. I cut my hair and almost all of my dyed hair disappeared which was a total waste.

  11. I’ve dyed my hair a lot I uess you could say. It really doesn’t matter. It just depends on how much dye you have to buy. If your hair is as long as you say it is, I would wait untill after you cut it.

  12. Definitely DYE first, if you cannot afford to cut and dye you are not worried about that little bit of dye you are going to ‘waste’ but cutting off dye hair later. You dye first and then when it is cut they get even the minimal damage caused by hair dye that you sometimes cannot even see. Also best to not wash hair for 2 days before dye, your color will last longer.

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