Can you have brown skin and blue eyes naturally?

I know this doesnt belong in the make-up questions but i didnt know where else to put it. . .
Can you naturally have those two combinations? Like, Born with them?

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  1. I have a friend who is Danish with a light tannish complexion (naturally) and blue eyes. Some people of Scandinavian descent do have this coloring, while others will have a lighter skin color.

  2. yea you can. its a mad rarity and it looks gorgeous but there r some rules. a black perosn can never have blue eyes unless they r an albino, and a true hispanic person cant either. brown skin as in very tan r african american? cos if they black with blue eyes then theyre werin colored contacts

  3. Yep. It’s all the wonderful world of genetics.

    The genetic contributions of two parents yield many different results based on who ends up being dominant or recessive in the combinations.

  4. I’m a light skinned African American and I have natural green eyes. Both of my parents are full blk, but neither of them have eyes like mine. My eyes also change from blue to grey depending on what I wear.

  5. yes it is possible I’ve seen people with brown skin with green, gray and blue. My grandmothers eyes were hazel.

    A person doesn’t have to be light skinned to have these eye colors.

  6. Blue eyes are very rare. You need 2 persons with blue eyes to make a blue-eyed baby. . . its genetics. Anyways, the majority of people with darker skin also have darker eye color. To get darker skin in a child, you’d need a parent of darker skin. . . to get blue eyes, you’d need 2 parents with blue eyes, although even then the baby might not have blue eyes. I believe it IS possible. . . just VERY rare.

  7. Yes. It is very beautiful. Brown skin with silver/greyish, too. I’ve seen it with my own brown eyes. Usually there is another nationality involved in the bloodline but yes you can have brown skin and blue eyes.

    Rare and gorgeous. As for the comment above – you don’t need two blue eyed parents to have a blue eyed child. My oldest daughter has blue eyes and my ex and I have brown eyes. There are other family members that have blue eyes on both sides, that’s all. My youngest daughter with my new husband has bright, bright blue eyes. I have brown and my husband has light green.

  8. Yes, it is absolutely possible through the fun and magic of genetics. In the small town I grew up in, there was a whole family of dark skinned folks with the loveliest blue eyes. . . before colored contacts really existed.

    You just never know when a random gene from a relative 8 generations ago will leap out of the gene pool and into a person.

  9. Well, yes, it’s quite common. My mother looked like that, for instance. She was of Irish descent. . .

  10. Yes it is possible. Aishwarya Rai(Miss World 1996) has brown skin and blue eyes. Although it is very rare!

  11. I do. . . .
    My dad was a blonde curly haired, with blue eyes.
    My mom is hispanic, brown eyes, brown straight hair.

    I got brown curly hair and bluish/greenish/hazel eyes.
    My brother got brown straight hair, same eye color.

  12. having “brown skin” myself, i’ve never seen this before. I once saw a girl who wore contacts, but that was it. you never know, genetics can be tricky.

  13. Yes, due to the fact that here are many shades of brown. Blue is a recessive genetic trait anyway so if someone in your family on either side way way way back has blue eyes and that trait was passed on to your parent then you can have green eyes. That would also me one of your parents or someone would have to have some shade of brown skin.

  14. i am a cinnamon complexioned american with brown eyes, my husband is a green eyed american. our daughter has blues eyes. no one among us can predict the unpredictable.

  15. yes it could naturally tanned (brown skin) and have bright green/gray eyes. im european (maltese).my mum has bright green eyes and is white and my dad is tanned with brown eyes. i think i had some from both sides :D

  16. I have brown hair and blue eyes… naturally! I also have fair skin, so it is definitely possible. In 5 kids, I’m the only one with this combination.

  17. Yes. My best friend has natural brown skin and blue eyes… but if you are stuck with blue eyes and pale skin, just get a tan. Or if it’s vice versa, get some contacts.

  18. Hello – Tyra Banks? Aishwarya Rai? and Stacey Dash? o.O It’s very possible.. it’s rare but yes it’s very possible.

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