How to naturally get a smaller nose?

My nose is actually really wide near the bottom? I heard stroking your nose from top to bottom lots of times help, somerthing to do with your nose having fluid in it or something? Any tips for looking your nose smaller or smaller NATURALLY. NO SURGERY! Thankyous!

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  1. Yeah heres a great tip. . Join a better gene pool. they’re full of crap if they say you can shrink your nose by “stroking it”. I bet the get laughs that they got u to stroke your

  2. try facersizing not sure how to spell it. there’s actually classes for it, look it up there is also this product that you place on your nose to shrink it but it looks rather uincomfortable. if i find the name becaus egg can not remember it i will send it to youfound it: nose huggieshttp: / / www. youtube. com / watch? v = m1RsI34g9OM

  3. i do not know anything about stoking your nose or anything but there are make up tips you can use, you must always remember these rules. . light colors make things bigger and against dark colors make things thinner & smallerso get some bronzer and apply it straight down your nose, it will create a slimming effect because of shadows, etc, do not get a really orange bronzer though or else it will draw more attention to your nose, just a very small amount of dark but natural bronzer. So when you are applying foundation, apply your normal color over your face hole and then apply a darker tone of foundation on each side of your nose, be sure to blend the foundations though or else it will look silly having an obvious line. this sounds weird, but the thinner your eyebrows are the more attention it draws to your nose, so do not over pluck your eyebrows. they frame your face remember. And if you do not mind then apply more make up other places eg a bright lipstick, a dramatic smokey eye, this will pull the attention away from the center of your face to the other features on it. So do not use a shiney foundation (make sure it is matte) this will make your nose look smoother, drawing less attention to it’s size. hope these tips help you out make up xo

  4. Contouring! You should try it, it can do some pretty amazing things to change the appearance of your nose and cheek bones.

  5. You can try contouring, but I also heard if you pinch your nose everyday then it becomes smaller.

  6. Get an ice cube or so, rub it on your nose till it’s very numb.
    Then soak 3 dryer sheets (tissues work too) in lemon juice an apply it for 15 or so minutes. Do it twice a week. After each time. Do the ‘stroking’ and squeeze on your nostrils. But not too long at a time. Make it more of a habit.

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