How long after a perm can I get it straighten at a salon?

I just got a perm and it has to much curle to my hair . I do not like my perm my hair is dry from the perm. I just want it to be straight again. Will it wreck my hair if I get it straighten,I have to put it up in a pony tail just to go out.
I have had my hair deep condition at a salon
My freind did my hair and used a apple peckton perm on my hair

6 thoughts on “How long after a perm can I get it straighten at a salon?

  1. There’s a product called emergency that you can get in almost any beauty supply store. It’ll run you about $40 bucks, but its well worth it. I use it on my hair all the time. Good luck.

  2. u can always reperm it with a bigger rod that won’t make your hair that curly. You can also take a flat iron or a curling iron to change the curl. BUT if you want to straighten it chemically you have to wait until ALL of the perm is out or cut it all out. The chemicals in a straightener relaxer and a curly perm are the same as in NAIR. If you put a straightener in your hair now you will not have any hair when you finish the process. So use heat if you want the lenghth but use a straightener if you want the bald look.

  3. You cant get it straigtened. The chemicals in the relaxer will react with the chemicals from your perm, and your hair will break off. If, by chance, your hair doesnt break off, you will have severe damage. Theres really no way to undo a perm, you’re just going to have to buy a good straigtener (CHI is really good) and deep condition your hair regularly.

  4. i would suggest that you deep condition your hair for a week. then run the perm solution through your hair. comb with a wide tooth comb until straight. rinse for 5min. put neutralizer on for 5min. again combing with a comb. after rinse hair for at least 10min. and deep condition hair again at least for a week.

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