How long does a home perm last?

I am curious about perming my hair, and I’d like to see what a real perm would look like, rather than just using rollers and hair spray. Going to a salon is about $100, so I’d like to try one of the home kits which are much cheaper. How long will a home perm last? I’ve heard that salon perms last 2-6 months, is it the same for the home kind?

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  1. mine lasted until my hair grew out. it was mainly the frizz. My hair was like perfectly like straight and i had highlights so i got a perm for highlighted hair. BIG MISTAKE! i think it was the highlights and i would use sponge curlers they work alot better.

  2. Hair grows on average 1/2″ per month so it will start getting straight at the roots at that rate. It may relax somewhat over the rest of your head but doesn’t “go away” unless it is cut off. You should have someone put the rods and lotion on and do the rinsing for you so you don’t end up with any straight pieces though. Doing it yourself would be real tough. Hope this helps. . . . . Jan

  3. I am not going to tell you not to get a perm. . . but PLEASE think about it. I got a perm a few yrs ago and it didn’t take. My hair did nothing but Frizz terribly, and the curls did not even take. When I say frizz terribly. . . I mean my hair that was once long and sleek and healthy was now ugly and looked like Bozo the clown hair. . . . . and although this was 3 yrs ago my hair is still damaged!

    The salon wouldn’t even give me my money back, but they did offer to try and perm it again. . . . which made me furious. I would have been bald if they did!!

    So. . . . therefor I can not tell you how long perms last. . . mine only lasted 2 days :(

    But I can say that the word perm is short for permanent. . . . which means my hair is probably permanately damaged lol

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