How long should I wait to wash my hair after getting a perm?

How long after getting a spiral perm should you wait before washing your hair?
its been 30 hours since. do you think that is long enough?
I got a sunburn today and i really want to jump in the shower. . . and i would LOVE to wash my hair. . . but it’s only been 30 hours since i got my perm. . .

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  1. This is one I really can’t answer, but I bet if you call your stylist or the person that did your hair she/he can let you know exactly when. They ma can even do it for you! But really, they should have told you before you got up out the chair! Bad stylist. . . bad bad stylist!!

  2. I am a cosmetologist. Hi. By what I have learned over the years I would have to say 36 hrs before shampooing.

  3. I agree that your stylist should tell you, but you didn’t say whether or not you have already gotten the perm or not, so that will be forgiven, lol. For a long hair spiral prem, you must wait at least 48 hours. If you wash it before then, you run a very high risk or destroying your perm.

  4. wait at the very least 48 hours. If you wash your hair before that your curls will be loose and will not hold for very long. You will deactivate the culring chemical for which you did the perm in the first place.

  5. After perming your hair, it is rule of thumb to wait atleast 48 hours before applying shampoo. In this time it is okay to wet your hair in the shower, but DO NOT apply shampoo. the shampoo if applied to soon will act like a relaxer and in fact loosen your curls. after your 48 hour wait time is up, it is okay to wash with shampoo and in fact would also benefit you to put a conditioner in as well to keep your locks looking shiny! ( P. S. – I would personally recommend Tresame for permed and / or dyed hair. . they have a complete line of hair products for permed hair. . . mousse, pomade ect. . . . ) Good Luck with your new do!

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