How long to wait before washing a body wave perm?

When I get a body wave perm, my hair guy says that I don’t have to wait 48 hrs or whatever to wash my hair. . . and I also noticed that he even washes my hair with shampoo and conditioner after.

I just want to know if thats the right thing to do? Or is he a bad hair stylist?
Because I hear you have to wait 2 days to wash your hair.
My other friend who also does hair says you don’t have to wait either. . . are body wave perms different from normal perms for the wash time?

One thought on “How long to wait before washing a body wave perm?

  1. The body wave could be more subjected to coming out a little faster than a strong curl. Generally the rule for any perm is to wait ONE day. I’ve seen plenty of people wash them right away any way and they don’t seem to loose any curl. . . . so I don’t think it’s ‘crucial’. You can always rinse it out and just use conditioner instead of shampoo if you think you really need to wash it.

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