How often should you perm your hair?

Hi, take this as no offense but i wanted to know how often should black people perm their hair and also with my hair it eats any form of oil that goes in it and stay dry. Tell me what kind of oil should i use to make my hair look healthier. What can I do?

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  1. every three months
    go to a place called salley’s and buy pink lotion it has a purple cap i think its called styles but pink bottle purple cap
    sally’s is a place for black people trust me cos im half

  2. Not sure about the perming probably as often as one dyes it- when it gets too rooty. As for products try these:
    http://www. carolsdaughter. com/departments. asp?dept=1002
    These products can also be purchased at Sephora.

  3. It depends on how “kinky” your hair is. I do mine every 6 weeks and I SWEAR by African Pride’s Hair Scalp and SKin oil, just a few drops a day keep you soft and moisturized without a heavy feel. And I agree about the hot oil treatement, I try to do one with each retouch

  4. u can use those hair nutritional oil which u can get frm watson which cost 50 cent per oil capsules. . . i tht u shld not perm soo often it will damage ur hair. . i rather u just go for permanent perming at belong salon frm sg website at 88db which can last longer time and u can just use treatment to treat the hair. . . . .

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