How soon after getting a perm your hair color can u?

I just permanently dyed my hair a month ago and I want to get a perm. When is the best time to get it? Thanks

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  1. wait 6 to 8 weeks after you dye your hair beore you perm it. ypu dont want your hair to fall out

  2. I’d say after a week or two. You do not want to wait too long otherwise your roots will start showing just after you permed our hair. . .

  3. you are fine to do it now. You should wait at least 2 weeks before you perm it after you color it. I wish you would have permed it first because it will lighten your color up sometime, especially if you dyed it dark.

  4. Actually all the perms remove color in dyed your hair. So if you planning to do both, then do the perm and the color. And as far as timing goes for that, if you wanted to do your color 2days (no less) after the perm you could, but i would not recommend it. Perms are harsh, so give your hair a break before doing the color. atleast a week. In seeing a lot of people saying you can do it right after PLEASE DONT, you will loose all the color in your hair and it will go back to whatever you naturally are. . .

  5. If it has been a month then you should be okay because I have heard you only have to wait two weeks after you color your hair.

  6. It really depends on what type of hair you have. My hair is nautral. I wouldnt be getting a perm / relaxer, but I do color my hair. Now if I were to want to relax my hair I would need to wai 4-6 weeks after. Since you dont want to dry out your hair.

  7. The usual wait period after perming your hair would be about 1-2 weeks, Depending on the type of color to avoid hair loss. There are no colors peroxides (semi-and demi-permanent) on the market that you could do even sooner, some even say it’s OK to do it the same day (but I would not recommend it). These could be applied after the 2 day no-wash period after your perm. Do not color your hair (with either temporary or permanent dye) just before getting a perm. Perming strips the color and other additives from your hair, so you’ll be wasting the color at this point. Wait until you’ve had the perm about a week and then color your hair.

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