2 thoughts on “How soon can i dye my hair after getting a perm?

  1. no, you can never dye your hair again. if you do you will get the measels and chicken pox at the same time, even if you’ve already had them, and get seriously sick and experience massive hair loss. don’t try it, you’ll be very sorry.

  2. Well you shouldn’t shower the first 24 hours after getting a perm because it just needs a little bit of time, and dying your hair always involves shampooing it afterward. So i say you could definitely dye it tomorrow. That would be “safe”, the only problem is that it’s easier to dye straight hair than curly hair.

    Curly hair can be difficult because you have a harder time making sure you get every part covered in dye. But of course it could still be done. My advice is that you dye it however you want, but check a mirror often to make sure that you aren’t missing patches in the back.

    :) good luck.

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