What can you do to get the perm smell out of your hair?

Just got a perm today and the smell is awful. Is there a way to lessen the smell short of putting my head in a baggie???

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  1. Not really, you shouldn’t put anything in or on your hair for at least 48hrs after getting a perm. It’s just one of those things you have to deal with.

  2. Well you shouldn’t get it wet I suppose otherwise I would say use coffee.

    Put Vicks mentholatum under your nose. It will filter the smell.

  3. if it was rinsed properly, it shouldn’t have any smell left in it. A perm should be continuously rinsed for 5-10 minutes depending on the hair length. It is possible that some of the perm solution got on your clothes or skin, and that is why you still have the smell. You could try using an anti-frizz serum on your curls untill you can wash it, they gerneally have a very plesant smell

  4. All perms leave a certain amount of odor, but if your’s is extremely smelly, then I don’t think your hairdresser rinsed it well enough. If you don’t rinse for at least 5 full minutes and longer for longer hair, you are not removing all the perm solution from the hair. Some hairdressers get in a hurry either from too many clients or just wanting to speed through and do not rinse properly. Think about your perm, did your hairdresser rinse at least 5 minutes? Remember this the next time.

  5. if you got your perm today then you have to wait a cpl of days but this really works i swear, i tell my clients all the time and they say it works,, 3 days after your perm before you shampoo for the first time take some milk set it out let get to room temp and pour thru your hair massage into scalp reaal good this is where the smell is coming from, let sit for 5 minutes then add your shampoo to the mix and shampoo as regular,, rinse and repeat all steps, it not only rids your ov the smell but conditions your hair and scalp at the same time and dont forget a trim in 3 weeks, good luck,, Dave

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