Does color shampoo work to cover gray hair?

My hair is black and I have some grey hairs. I want to cover the grey hairs. Does color shampoo work to cover gray hair? If so, what product do you recommend? Thank you.

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  1. i don’t think so. but if you dye your hair with black in that spot. or i it is a different color from your real hair dye the whole thing.

  2. are you a guy or a girl bc your thing is cupcake. if your a girl it would be weird to ask this question. dye it durrrr

  3. i would use john freidas color rinse (color glaze), use after shampoing. really good stuff. buy it at like wlagreens. , rite aid, go to john frieda’s website and check out the various colors. plus you can use this to keep the black hair looking black longer without getting it touched up. john frieda has an awesome line of shampoos for colored hair that keep the gray out.

  4. Probably not, but it wouldn’t hurt to try it. Since it’s just shampoo, it won’t do your hair any harm. Most likely, you need to try semi-permanent or permanent color. Good luck!

  5. no shampoo cleans the hair juse get semi color dye it wont damage your hair uless it semi thats what i gett

  6. I am letting my gray grow!!! Belive it or not! I am just frustated at haaving to color my gray every 2 1/2 weeks!!!! I use Mastey Color Instantáneo. I get a small bottle and mix half of my shampoo with have of this Instant Color Mix and wash it every day! It does not completely cover my gray since I have a lot!!! But it does make them less brilliant white!!!

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