Is the shampoo and conditioner called Garnier Fructis work really long and strong?

I would like to know if it really makes your hair grow longer like that, what people say. Currently I am called with the new Pantene Pro-V Shampoo and Conditioner “beautiful lengths”. . . So far it works, but it makes me hair really dry. I used to use Garnier Fructis shampoo & conditioner and my hair is never dry. So I was wondering whether it’s your hair more than me? If so, I’ll buy it from now on. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP =]

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  1. heyyyuh. if you get your hair long, bright, want and need repaired split ends. then use “mane n tail horse shampoo, I’ve just bought it a week ago it works super.Ich suggest you instead of the shampoo and conditioner! :)

  2. IDK. I use Herbal Essences-USE that!! It works sooooo good! (And it smells wonderful!) Try it! You’ll like it! Bye *

  3. It is not working for me. Usually very careful to be as you comb your hair after shampooing it so that you minimize breakage. Never brush your hair when wet comb only. If what you do with your hair is dry then switch products is more likely to break than dry hair when brushing.

  4. No shampoo can help your hair grow longer. Only your genetics and your rate of hair loss determines that! Everything you should expect from a shampoo to your hair shiny and smooth with think less drying and Abbruch.Ich, Garnier Fructis, and is pretty good that if you do not to get as many split ends, you get less breakage of the hair, the hair appear longer can. However, it will not grow his hair longer, and nothing will.

  5. Yes, it always works for me. Make sure you dont use too much. After you wash the condition of your hair it right. If you have problems, dry scalp, do not use it. It may even make it worse. dry scalp should be treated with head and shoulders werden.sorgen

  6. Of course, Pantene made your hair dry. It’s terrible stuff. Everyone I know who is using hated it eventually for that reason. I love Garnier products. They work really well, although work is not surprising. Do not forget the girls in advertising have to see good genetics, and many tricks shiny and beautiful for the camera. But to answer your question, yes. Use the Garnier. It is soooo much better than the Pantene.

  7. My favorite is Herbal Essences. It works and smells fantastic. Garnier is working okay, but this one is better.

  8. Yeah I use to it. It was good. But now I use Pureology. 10 times better. And I get less breakage than me, but I does not Garnier.EDIT: Nora and the shampoo Suziestone the right to grow your hair faster. Its supposed to prevent, split ends and breakage, making it grow healthier. He says that on the bottle. Gosh suziestone. It looks like you who have fallen for the name. Haha! ♥

  9. No shampoo or conditioner will grow your hair longer than it would anyway, and if that is what they claim that their false Werbung.Es is no better or worse than any other supermarket shampoo Arbeit.Ich cannot believe how many people actually believe that that’s Shampoo your hair will make more!

  10. Yea-my friend used esdas hair is perfect! But so does Elvital Lorealund its cheaper * and mires person on your hair makes it longer wachsenweil cleavage prevents ends

  11. Go back to what you know. Shampoo or conditioner can not say that. If so, do you think not everyone would buy? Healthy eating is called Her hair together with the vitamin biotin to help. Go to GNC or your favorite drugstore.

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