What are some good Alcohol free shampoo and conditioners?

I’ve been looking around for alcohol free hair products and I can’t really find any. I don’t want to look through all of the ingredients of everything. There are chemicals I don’t understand plus many different chemicals that end in ol. Which usually means some form of alcohol right? I’m desperate and I can’t have shampoo with alcohol in it. With all the types in the stores youd think there would be one that just says alcohol free somewhere on it. Help me please!

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  1. I use Sunsilk, Treseme or Herbal Essences but it depends where you are.
    One of my friends tells me pantene is good for her hair too and I’m sure they’re alcohol free.

  2. Go to your nearest Sally Beauty Supply and ask them ladies/gentleman what they recommend. I used to work there, and I know they have a few, but for the life of me I cannot remember the names. . . So deff. check that out!

  3. I can understand your concern. Visit www. beautysassy. com and you can find the right product.

  4. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen any shampoos or conditioners with alcohol in them. Not all ingredients ending with -ol are alcohol. Alcohol in any product would dry the hair or skin. Some things like hair spray contain alcohol as a carrier but dissipate (dry) very quickly when applied. But there would be no good purpose to have it in a shampoo. There would be no reason to state it on the label since shampoos and conditioners would never have alcohol in them.

    I like Redken or Nexxus products. I’m sure other brands will also contain alcohol-free products — you will just have to check the ingredient list to be sure.

  5. ABBA is an organic brand, I am not 100% sure of alcohol in it, but you should take a look

  6. hairbender ~ there are actually very few shampoos that don’t have alcohol in them and that is why our hair does get so dried out. Read the label and it will be there.

  7. Actually you will be surprised at the amount of shampoos and conditioners that contain alcohol, tresemme included! I am also on the search for alcohol free hair products as i believe my hair and scalp are really dry from that. Good luck

  8. I’ve been helping a friend get ready to go into rehab; they don’t allow personal products that contain any kind of alcohol. Finding shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotion, etc. without alcohol is really difficult. I can’t believe how many people said most shampoos are alcohol-free. The opposite is true!

    Read the ingredients list on your labels and you’ll see — almost every commercial hair product has alcohol. I’m going to check out baby shampoo tomorrow….

  9. In response to hairbender: MANY shampoos and conditioners DO contain alcohol. Also, I’ve noticed that conditioners appear to contain more types of alcohol(cetyl, stearyl etc) than their sister shampoos. Common sense tells me that the shampoos should contain more(quantity/types) of alcohol for cleaning hair but it may serve other unknown purposes. However, it is possible that the alcohol is also listed under its scientific names and difficult to identify by most consumers.

  10. Aveda “be curly” range are all alcohol, paraben and silicone free as they are made out of plants, they are quite expensive though, but worth the price

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