What is a good blue based shampoo for bleach blonde curly hair ?

I am bleach blonde going for an almost white blonde. Naturally my hair is curly but with the bleach it tends to straighten my hair some. So my simple question is there a good shampoo or conditioner besides the Aveda blue malva to help tone down the brassiness and maybe help with the curl? They don’t have to be the same product or even the same company.
Thanks in advance.

One thought on “What is a good blue based shampoo for bleach blonde curly hair ?

  1. At Sally’s Beauty Supply, they have a purple shampoo and conditioner by One ‘N Only that is HIGHLY pigmented and definitely banishes the brassiness. It’s so pigmented that I wouldn’t recommend using it daily. It’s also moisturizing, which is good for bleached hair (:
    Together, they’re about $14, and the two bottles will last you awhile.

    ALSO, Sally’s has a purple tinged mousse, and mousse is great to put in post-shower to really shape your curls without the crunch :)
    So that might be good for you.

    If all else fails, you can mix purple or blue based toners with your normal shampoo and conditioner about once a week, and that should keep your blonde fresh (:

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