What is my shampoo make hair more bouncy, less flat, but still gives great shine?

My hair is thin, its pretty thick. Its just hangs there, and I want to be my roots lifted and springy. I love thick, bouncy hair, what shampoo do you think this will do? Remember, I need the air conditioning as well as the ends.

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  1. Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner makes one that is great for just that, it is something called Curl and they come in a neon-colored bottle.

  2. Aussie has a line for the volume. They have a 2-in-1 and separate shampoo and conditioner. They also have Volumizing Mousse. I just used their shampoo for the first time today, before entering the mall, and I could tell a difference even with wet hair. They also have a moist leave in cream for shine, but the shampoo leaves the hair shiny.

  3. You could try to cut some layers into your hair – more volume to geben.Go for the Sunsilk Daring Volume Shampoo and Conditioner – you can always Walmart, Target, CVS, etc. erhaltenhttp: / / www. sunsilk. us / products. php? id = gewagteWenn you are looking for high-end salon products – try Big Sexy Hair line by Michael O’Rourke (more volume) http://www. sexyhair. com / To combat limp hair, try using a mild shampoo volumizing formulated for your hair type. Focus the shampoo at the root of the hair. rinse with warm water and make sure you do so thoroughly. Use a volumizing conditioner and massage it on the ends of the hair and not the roots. Avoid adding conditioner to your roots, this will weigh your hair down and let it go flat. Towel-dry your wet hair and allow your hair to air dry the rest of the road. Do not you comb your hair until it is almost dry. If you blow dry, the heat is focused on your roots, while your head is upside down for more Volumen.Für more volume, put your hair in a ponytail so loose that your hair sticks to the pillow while you sleep. Do not make the ponytail too tight. You’ll wake up with more volume! Be sure a volume mousse or spray, use the bounce to sichern.Viel luck to you and your hair!

  4. If your hair is thick and just hang, be careful with your air conditioner only at the ends. As far as shampoo, for something with a band, usually go higher sodium sulfate laurth (foam).

  5. Herbal Essence Body Envy is your hair in the shower bouncy.Nachdem you put some cold water on the hair, it makes it shiny.

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