what would happen if i put Peroxide in my Shampoo?

I’ve recently dyed my hair reddish.
I want to put 1/2 teaspoons of Peroxide in my shampoo to bring out more red.
I know it will damage my hair, and if i use too much it will turn my hair orange/red.
But if i only use it once or twice will it bring out more red?
Lighten up my color?
Easy Ten Points.

6 thoughts on “what would happen if i put Peroxide in my Shampoo?

  1. that wont help you. there is not much you can do to make it brighter. unless you start over and have it professionally done

  2. wow ummm do not do that i did that and it turned my hair a really light blonde and i onle put a teaspoon so dont do it you will have really ylight ornge lol

  3. Don’t do it. Reds look best with minimal orange- which is the only direction peroxide is going to take you in. Once you color your hair it usually lightens over time even if you color it darker. What color is your natural hair?

  4. Don’t do it! You could end up with some really horrible results! Depending on the shampoo, the chemical reaction from combining them could get ugly.

    Try using red color gloss treatments, like John Frieda. Keep your hair moisturized to bring out the shine, which will reflect light and make your hair color more vibrant. Use the new sulfate-free shampoos/conditioners to keep the red from fading (like L’Oreal Ever Pure). I think you can get a free sample of it on their website.

    Next time you color your hair, use a brand with lots of concentrated color. I like Garnier 100% Color for super-red hair. But I’ve recently started using the Clairol Perfect 10 to give me a more natural look. I highly recommend it.

    (I color my hair red too) Good luck!

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