What are advantages and disadvantages of dying hair?

I have brown hair with natural blonde/brown streaks in it. I straighten it everyday because its really curly. I really wanna dye my hair black. My parent’s say no, my friends say they don’t care, etc. So I need advantages and disadvantages of dying hair so I can convince my parents to allow me to dye mt hair.

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  1. advantages: it can look really good and alter your overall appearance.
    disadvantages: if you dye it too often, your hair can become frizzy/damaged. also, the color will fade, so you have to do it regularly. and sometimes the color doesn’t quite turn out the way you wish it would!

  2. Why not: More risk for cancer; allergic reactions; hair damage from chemicals; hair dye isn’t permanent, so you would have to continue dying it.

    Why: Pretty hair?

  3. Advantage: It’s gunna look friggan hot on me mom!

    Disadvantage: Fuck you, I can do what I want.

  4. Go to a store like Whole Foods and get the natural hair dyes and try the black with that so you avoid the chemicals going into your system.

    You will have to straighten your hair regardless of the dye. Black tends to make hair look less damaged and if it helps bring out your complexion, I don’t see what the problem is.

    It’s not like you’re dying your hair pink or green. Black is a natural color. Tell your parents that you will use a semi-permanent and it will just wash right out after a month or so anyway.

  5. Advantages; lovely color, pretty. .

    Disadvantages; bad for your hair, will be damaged if dyed too often, is hard to grow out natural hair unless dyed back (then is damaged more), have to touch up roots which is annoying. .

    Er, I think it’s better to stick with your natural hair color really. . people will be jealous of your pretty natural blonde brown streaks and natural healthyness of it. .

  6. You could always ask to try a semi-permanent hair dye first, and see how it goes. Those typically wash out after just a couple of weeks.

    However! If you do not like it, even if it is “semi-permanent” chances are, you won’t be able to wash all of it all the way out, especially if you have naturally blonde highlights. Dyes take to light hair like ducks take to water! If you have pretty long hair, you might want to reconsider dying it, because it will take a long time for your natural hair to grow back out, if you DON’T like the color.

    For dyes that might do less damage, try to look for a dye that doesn’t require heat setting (blow-drying) to lock in the color. You can use dyes like Manic Panic, Special Effects, or Beyond the Zone. (You can find dyes like these at Sally Beauty stores. ) These are semi-permanent and will do less damage to your hair in the long run.

    Good luck!

  7. apparently when u dye ur hair
    a darker color it makes it healthier

    i also heard that ur hair feels thicker

    i’d say ur biggest disadvantage is trying
    to get it lighter after its been dyed that dark. .
    i had the hardest time going from black
    to blonde!

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