What are the best hair products for mixed race people with curly hair?

I am a mixed race girl with long black curly hair that leans towards being more European than African. I have used lots of different mousses (Tresemer & Pantene) and hair serums (John Freida & Tresme) but most fail to keep my hair from becoming frizzy throughout the day. I need something that can keep the moisture and life into my hair and not make it hard like some mousses Thurs I can not African hair products used because they make my hair and skin too greasy. Any ideas?

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  1. Try Mane and Tail Shampoo and Conditioner. It seriously has done wonders for my hair. And the conditioner is also a leave-in so it may help you a lot:) Good luck

  2. There are no products specifically for African hair as you put it rather products for different hair textures. , You have to learn what your hair texture is Regardless of race. It is what products you use and what the product area, so you have to look at your hair if you do not adhere habits to a good hair routine it makes no difference what product you use you will end up with the same issues. Consider the following Sun products. a) True Textures range from Mizani-i use this on individuals who have 100% african heritage to individuals who have 10% African heritageb) Use a leave in conditioner with a humectant / or a leave in conditionerc) Avoid products with alcohol in them or have parabens in them-Eliminate the whole greasy look / feel debate (Keracre has a good range), d) Kerstase-Nutri-range thermique f) Phyto – PhytoDefrisant Balm-light styling productPhytoLisse use serum instead of hair spray or shampoo and finally waxesPhytoLisse Phyto 9 leave in conditioner use as a. Curly hair dehydrate badly Therefore excessve washing does make matters worse Sun wash hair at least three times a week. eg Mon-Fri 9-phyto shampoo + shampoo + PhytoDefrissant Balm Sun – use all three. Hope this helps.

  3. Sounds like you need to use something called mixed chicks mixed chicks @. Comor Ouidad. Visit these places and see the stories of people on the websites and see if you relate to what they are saying.

  4. I highly recommend this product, I LOVE it. It is called DevaCurl B’Leave-In Conditioner Curl. You put it on after you get out of the shower. It does feel a little sticky at first but when you leave your hair down to dry it dries perfectly and feels rather soft and fluffy! It really Minimizes frizz. Just make sure you shape your curls the way you want before it dries.

  5. I? M going to tell you my experience. I? Extremely curly frizzy hair’ve got. Honestly. . . I used to use mouse Tresemer everyday and i worked okey. . . by my hair started falling and I freaked out. I decided to cut using anything. . . now my hair look fabulous honestly my curls look perfect. . . I only use john frieda products. . . serum-like and stuff like that, no more mouse or gel. or hair spray. . . at first my hair looked horrible. . . a year after. . . looks lovely!

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