What color can I put over my bleached out hair?

My hair is bleached blonde, not white, just orangy and highlighted. I want to reverse the color a little. What color can I put over it without having to fill it first? Or can I put light brown over it and then wait a couple weeks and then put dark brown over it? I don’t want green ya know.

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  1. youll need to put a red on then an ash brown, putting the red on fills the hair back up of what the bleach stripped away, then the ash in the brown will take out red/orange tones from the finished colour.
    A semi permanent red will be ok to use.
    Or if u dont mind having a ‘warm’ brown (reddish brown, just use a dark warm brown as it has all the reds in it needed for the brown to stick.

  2. Your best bet would be to go to a professional. If you did a dark brown, it would cover it up but sort of temporarily. It will fade after a few weeks and you will start to see lighter places where you have the highlights. Since bleach (which is what is used for highlights) strips the hair of its pigment, if you continue to dye it brown every six weeks, the fading will become less and less, but it will still be there (to an extent) until the highlights grow out. It’s not a big problem, and it can actually be pretty, you just need to be patient and stay on top of it. The darker you go, the less time you will have the problem as the color will deposit better on the highlighted areas.

  3. U can put any color on it just as long the base of the color does not have a violet base ur good cause that can turn ur hair green.

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