What color circle lenses or color contacts look good on asian eyes blacks?

I have black circle lenses but their not prescriptions so I’m planning to get colored or circle lenses with prescripition but I don’t know what color would look nice on asian black eyes.

6 thoughts on “What color circle lenses or color contacts look good on asian eyes blacks?

  1. none would……your asian hello, everyone knows u dont have blue eyes.

    keep dreaminnnnn

    and no color would look good except your natural color

  2. I have an asian friend and she wears gray ones. They look soo nice!!! She has long black hair and light skin! She looks so amazing!!!

  3. If you want a natural look, I recommend the GEO Honey Wing; in fact, I think the entire Wing series is very natural looking.

    If you want really noticeable eyes, then go for lens with a dark/black outer ring.

    Colors that pop on Asian faces are green and blue. Grey, brown, and purple kinda blend with brown eyes.

    This site has TONS of pictures of the different types of lens and will give you an idea on how they look on you:http://s252.photobucket.com/albums/hh11/soompicirclelens/

    I’m asian and have very dark brown eyes. My favorite lens are the Angel Brown and Purple. They blend well but also make people take a double look.

  4. well im asian and i got really dark brown eyes. not completely black but dark brown and i think a nice lighter brown will look gorgeous on you. i cant really tell cuz idk you. but if you got light skin i would go with light brown or hazel. if you have darker skin i would just stay with regular brown

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