What color does your hair turn when you go swimming?

I’m doing this sci project about how hair changes color when its put in chlorine and what color does your hair get? Mine turns green.
I don’t mean how your hair gets wet and darker, I mean how when you go swimming in chlorine, the chemicals change your hair.

6 thoughts on “What color does your hair turn when you go swimming?

  1. Usually most people, their hair gets darker, like mine which is light brown to dark brown in some places, it looks like its black when i go swimming

  2. mine turns green but mabey it is because i have light color hair. check out is it has to do what color hair you have

  3. If you don’t take a shower to wash out the chlorine then your hair will turn green. But you might only be able to tell with lighter hair. I have darker hair so I’ve never been able to tell but my friend is blond and it happened to her.

  4. I have dark brown/ black hair and it doesn’t turn any color. Probably because it’s too dark.

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